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Eco-Friendly Dwelling

Constructing a contemporary home in the middle of a heavily wooden region is a challenging task on several fronts. From logistics to environmental norms, there are plenty of little things that one needs to worry about when bringing a modern structure into a forest area.

Carefully crafted entrance to the forest house through the green front yard

Crafted with ingenuity and adaptive brilliance by PAD studio, the Forest Lodge in New Forest, Hampshire, England is a home that combines eco-sensitivity, modernity and mobility in an unassuming fashion. The smart mobile home can be lifted from its current site with ease when needed and leaves a minimum footprint wherever it sits!

Open design connects the forest house with the greenery outside

The gorgeous home in woods is blessed with a variety of planet-friendly features like the photovoltaic panels that provide it with all the power it needs, rainwater harvesting system that recycles and replenishes the local water source and passive heating and cooling design that keeps internal temperature moderate. These green technologies not only cut back on the carbon footprint of the house, but also make sure that the surrounding greenery and ecosystem is left largely untouched and pollution-free.

Wood and glass shape the exterior of the mobile contemporary forest lodge


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